Infos and costs


The cost of the residency for each artist is 300€ per week. Please note that for reasons related to space and comfort, if you are selected for a residency at Villa R and would like to bring someone to assist you during the creation process, or simply would like to come with your partner, the other person/s have to pay as much as each artist in residency. Therefore people who come along with selected artists, count as artists themselves.

The payment of the residency fee for selected artists is split in two parts. The first one is to be done after the selection, in order to make the reservation (100€ for one week – 200€ for two weeks and 150€ for 10 days) – the rest of the residency fee is to be done at the check-in at Villa R.
Maximum number of artists per residency is 4.

Artists are responsible for any damage to furniture and equipment inside Villa R, with possible compensation within the end of their stay.

The residence, for its location, requires the rent of a car. Artists can decide to share these expenses and also decide where and what to rent according to their needs. These expenses are not included in the rent. There is eventually also a local bus running from Messina Central Station to Gesso (Villa R). We usually recommend the rental of a car because the bus does not run so often and never late during the evening.

Artists are always welcome to involve sponsors or other public Organizations for finacial help to cover residency fee, travel, meals, materials for production and all related expenses. 

Residency period:

Artists can apply for a week maximum two during the months of April, May, June, September or october

It is possible to apply also for other periods of the year, this can be agreed with the hosts according to their disponibily.

It is also possible to rent the villa during summer holidays. For summer period (example July and August) the price is 80€ per person, per night (inclusive breakfast). For 2 people in room with double bed the price is 130€ per night.  Maximum of people staying per time 4.

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