Villa R is an exclusive private residency for artists, one of the first international point of reference for contemporary art in the city of Messina, Sicily.

It was designed in 1990 by the two owners, Iolanda Vacalebre and Nicola Rustica, whom have over the years used the villa for artistic and musical productions, organizing several evenings with poetry, performance and other creative activities.

Since April 2013, Iolanda and Nicola decided to offer most of the spaces of the villa for intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange with professionals (both foreign and Italian). These activities aim especially to the creation of new projects and artworks in a stimulating environment, in contact with other artists and with nature.

This is an exclusive opportunity to develop new ideas in a wide, beautiful and meditative location, far from the distracting vibes of the big city. The residence has wide space for artistic production of any size and media. 

Villa R offers a great view on the sea, valley and Eolie Islands. Artists have the possibility to work both in a light atelier of 80 square meters, with big windows, or outside with a space of about 2000 square meters, directly in contact with the earth, without limits of dimentions and media of work.

There is space to accomodate all artists in comfortable and spacious rooms (single or double). The distance from the villa to a very popular seaside is about 4km .The villa is on accessible distance from touristic destinations such as Milazzo, Taormina, Etna volcano and direct transports to Eolie Islands.


Villa R Team:

– Giuditta R: Director of Villa R residency program. International visual artist based in Berlin www.giuditta-r.com

– Iolanda Vacalebre: sculptor, professor at the Fine Art Academy in Reggio Calabria; Lead singer of the ethno-world music band Isola www.isolamusic.it.

– Nicola Rustica: visual artist, painter and musician (guitarist) of the band Isola.

Villa R

Have a virtual tour through Villa R’s atmosphere and surroundings. Video by Bara Jochova, New York based artist and filmmaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IFZB4vS7YE&feature=youtu.be

Follow Villa R’s activities on Fb: https://www.facebook.com/villa.rartistsresidence?fref=ts

and on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYYmNUXrvkNwlbAs4uqe9fg

Have also a glimpse at Villafranca’s beach, with artists in residency Rachel Hastings, Ebony Utley and Krystal Cooper (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MqpUfQCvGI&feature=youtu.be


4 responses to “About

  1. I keep joyful memories of my stay in this amazing Villa embraced by Mediterranean Sea and Sicilian hills.
    Here you can find inspiration, beauty and originality. The owners are a warm magic mix of spirituality, art and a deep sense of humor.
    Strongly recommend to all artists that want to create in an unique and enchanted location.
    Grazie ancora!!!!!!

  2. I have spend some of the most wonderful and thoughtful time in this place, with these people. Truly enriching. And I am more than thankful for that.
    The place itself is beautifully located on the mountain side facing the valley and the sea. It’s savage. I still remember the sound of the dogs barking in the valley during twilight.
    Coming from a rather hectic and urban life in northern Europe, my stays in the villa have always confronted me with alternative approaches to things – many of which I continue to keep in mind.

  3. Villa R is one of the most beautiful and magical places I have ever been. It is like a little piece of heaven on earth.
    The weather is amazing, the landscapes and area are fantastic and well located not to mention the warm heart and welcoming you can experience with the hosts. Besides living among friendliness, sometimes, I found myself immersed into deep discussions about life, above and beyond.
    My staying there gave me back what sometimes get lost in the daily routine, that sparkle that lights creativity and inspiration.
    I would say that this should be in the top list of the 10 things to do to truly connect with your inner. Highly recommended!

  4. Truly inspiring time there.
    The perfect atmosphere to deal with upcoming projects.
    The concentration I was able to reach and the way to conceive time, will bring me definitely back to Villa R soon.

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