Devoted to the creative practise – Paul Yves Poumay at Villa R

Paul Yves Poumay is a contemporary primitive artist, born in 1969 in Verviers, Belgium.

After having focused his experience, work and studies in finance and marketing, Paul’s career has shifted recently to the creative field: in 2012-2018 he attended the art Academy in his hometown, Spa, Belgium. Right after the artist decided to create his own website .

In March 2019, he exhibited in his first group show in Corchiano, Italy and today he is willing to invest most of his time in artistic research and expression.

Provocative and free-spirited, hypersensitive and yet incredibly optimistic, Poumay’s work has many intentions but is above all oriented towards others. Labeled “utopian”, he expresses his indignation, linked to the corrosive power of money, by imposing his status of the world’s most expensive artist in the contemporary art scene. He translates his own questions into a quirky expressionism, moving from the very colorful to the darkest tones. He is self-taught and instinctive and, through art and using absurdity, he challenges the world of finance and shakes the very foundations of our societies. He provokes reactions by condemning in particular the social aberrations we are witnessing today.

During his stay at Villa R Paul is working both on sculptures made with clay and on new paintings, inspired mostly by the place and also by some of the most essential issues up to date in Sicily such as the immigration etc.

The idea to live a week, disconnected from current affairs, to indulge him-self in an intense creation exercise in an idyllic place such as Villa R delights Paul, as he is devoting time to his creative practice, according to the great inspiration received by the new surroundings, people, food, colors, music, landscapes and culture.

We are really proud to share some of the best works accomplished by Paul Yves Poumay during his residency at Villa R! Artworks are all made with clay:


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