“Beating Dreams” – Jonathan Graham at Villa R

Jonathan Graham is a painter, performer and poet, interested in both Latin and Nordic culture, with their psychological openness and depth. His work explores the psychological liberation for both genders of female domination. Jonathan’s paintings — whose ‘Cartesian’ style is 3D, yet focuses on energy and flow more than labelled objects — seek to massage natural shapes that move our minds; to tease us, in our subconscious dance with gravity.

Jonathan did a site-specific residency in Atina, Lazio, two years ago, for the curator Rekha Sameer.

The project the artist developed at Villa R residency  is called << Effimera Machine >>, a project that comprises a poem and a triptych of squares oil paintings, inspired by the elegance and force instincts, the subconscious and cosmic dynamism of football in its capacity for kinetic meditation as well as communication. This project is part of a work channel called “the vectorism”, which explores the vector as well as the Cartesian vector – the directional dimension, invisible, making the universal waving connection. This shows that the system crosses more than one body of its production, via a crucial changing combination.Furthermore the project nalyses and celebrates the expression of insight, spontaneity and grace in football fusing the Renaissance’s Italian home with the conscious Age of Aquarius.

Kinetic Meditation

Inspired by the thoughtful creativity of open chakras, and the analytical spontaneity and expressive coherence of the Renaissance, Jonathan combines dance, poetry and painting to explore the sun-fired inspiration of the Latin world, as its intuitive ballet “enchants the stadium”.

The poems below have been also created by Jonathan at Villa R and interpretated during a performance:

Silver quivers weight from sleep,

that rings with destination dreamt,

and tickles beats that touch, replete,

with echoes of their future rent,

whose voltage, charged by ardour,

grows, from inflating worship’s wires,

and draws, panting, siphoned soul,

that burns its flexion as desire,

twitched, aloft, to grids of oceans,

that caress the torque of joints

and free, unseen, new darts’ commotion

in a ballet, to anoint

the truth of dance

that moves from seeing,

tongue pressed missives that consume,

by teaching trust through weight of being,

to drown, live, in twinkling fumes —

or giving, chakra-buried slides,

whose echoes dart in lost report,

of attunement to the tides,

of minds, that feel to read, unwrought,

and drink, and spin, and chop to sleep,

in down-flown hold that, freed, can roll

to surf the story, on, through bonds

whose caressing is the goal,

of motion, sculpted, spun through vectors,

linking light with volts of time,

still traversed through sight that slept and

navigated nodes of rhyme

that fed the slave, with song of sirens,

and begot his map of peace,

that spread limbs through grids’ connivance

feeling rhythm’s search-sprung feet,

whose confusion was his shield,

and his evening-fired harp,

and whose fall unwrapped lit fields’

space, that hosted sphere-lit sparks,

in shaded hive

of mountain-still,

that wakes, while stone-enchanting sprites

hug dusk alive,

through tree-watched hills’

host-silhouettes, that guard the night,

and meditate the walls to theatre,

breathing waiting stories’ field,

and quietly enchanting, clear, the

doubts of novices that read,

and sense the torque that folds round pivot,

ringing highways through, sans sight,

and drink the darkness of her wisdom,

calibrating thought with light:

seeing wires, freed as current,

living tensile, guided drift,

that charts beats as brine of torrent,

to be drunk as liquid rift

of grid, that bores the goal it marries,

shining median mountains tame:

pirouetting nodes that parry

cyclones, cloning golden train,

with objective, swinging zen,

that harmonises with its echo,

shining effervescent ken,

of vaulting stars, through pax of gesso’s

echoed lights

of Gemini,

whose white homogeneity

makes velvet sparring

of curved flight:

wave-dynasties, that play with seas,

and strum the quotient, left to right,

to love from gulf that renders, panting,

shortage of its id-charged height,

that fuses work with help, decanted:

rhythm, that makes dance from sound,

which kisses movement, without speaking,

with a river, that brings ground’s

intensity to airs, whose fleeting

winds sing rhythms, of their natal,

mass-attuning, sirens’ songs,

which gave thought through sight, not fatal

voltage, that slid under-throng:

acceleration that transcends

the chasms of red dissonance,

which pull confusion, twist and rend

location through derived offence,

whose perspective soars from change,

to traction of dynamic view,

where sight is leverage through range,

that teases truth and draws it through,

and trusts the suns

to underlie

and listen to new need that talks;

waiting, fast, to hold, undone,

the linking tie

that breathes the fork,

of sliding light that rolls aboard,

our causal chain, that sleeps, and calls for

nought but fusion’s cosmic ford

that feels the sonar of the author.

Dedicated to Cristiana and Simone.

Copyright Jonathan Graham, Oct 2018, Villa R Residency, Messina, Sicily.

Follow/Contact Jonathan at:
Phone: 0044 7881 954 810
Email: seagull120@hotmail.com
Insta: Beating Dreams — Twitter: @BeatingDreams — Facebook: Beating Dreams


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