“Fibres with structure” – Natália Kepičová at Villa R

Natália Kepičová is a visual-textile artist and art teacher from Czech Republic.

Natalia uses the textile material to create interesting abstract installations.

The artist has been dedicated over time to fibres and their structure. Feelings and thoughts are the engine and fuel that lead the artist to each creation, a sort of way to look for the deep meaning of things. Natalia’s art installations seem to look at the inner side of the world, where varios objects found in the surroundings become protagonists.

Her practice’ goal is to increase “co-working” and connection between space and the fibres themselves.

At Villa R Natalia is being inspired to discover the soul of some objects found in the surroundings and to discover new ways and possibilities to make them live though her textile practice.

Her current experience of different places and organic material is the actual key to inspire new installations. Using fingerprints / plaster cast on various things such as fruits, plants, stones, etc the artist drips plaster, making the mold with things found on the ground of Villa R.

Follow Natalia’s work and check out more of her art at: https://nathaliike1.wixsite.com/fotos

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