Our guests – Autumn 2018

Faces of yarn – Natàlia Kepičová


Thanks a lot to all Villa R’ creative supporters!
We are really pleased that once again we received applications and interest from several parts of the world, including England, South Africa, Congo, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Siria, France, and as usual from several parts of America and Latin America!
We are glad to announce our candidates for Villa R residency in the fall 2018!
this October…
– Visual-multimedia artist, poet, blogger and performer Jonathan Graham from London UK. Follow Jonathan’s universe at https://beatingdreams.wordpress.com/

– Visual and textile artist Natália Kepičová from Czech Republic. Learn more about Natalia’s work at: https://nathaliike1.wixsite.com/fotos
– Theatre director, spacial designer, visual artist, poet, curator and performer Samantha Johns from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Have a hint of Samantha’s practice here:  https://samanthajohns.carbonmade.com/
– Visual artist, painter Melanie Roher and poet Stephen Schwarz from New York, USA. Have a look at Melanie’s practice at http://www.melanieroher.com/

– Visual artist and performer Gustave Demoen from Ghent, Belgium

2 responses to “Our guests – Autumn 2018

  1. Looks so great . I’d like to reapply for Spring 2019. How do I do that ? Lisa Trivell

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