A nordic soul, finding new words at Villa R – Sofie Eriksdatter

Sofie Eriksdatter is a danish poet based in Aarhus.  She holds a MA-degree in Aesthetics and Culture from Aarhus University and University of Iceland. Furthermore she is educated from the inter-nordic Royal Writing Academy in Norway.

Eriksdatter works mainly within the form of poetry and is inspired by landscapes, by relations between things and people, the structures of stones etc. She enters the language altering between the dwelling and the dynamic.

Sofie is occupied by relationships between (wo)man and nature, the micro- and macro world examining the dynamics of decay. She is published in various established nordic anthologies and magazines.

Lately she has been experimenting with transcending her words into spatial representations, more specifically into embroidery on old kitchen towels, exhibited at Gallery Non-space in Aarhus.


Sofie is currently at Villa R to work on new poems, and on a project together with her fellow, Maria Molbech, illustrator also based in Aarhus.

Messina represents for the two artists a place of contrast: It holds both the idyllic small-town mediterranean life, but also happens to be the place where victims of a worldwide catastrophe pursues a new life.
Sicily also happens to be located at the opposite end of Europe – it is a place that exists in their minds mainly through stories, memories, ideas, warnings, recommendations – a place on a map or a postcard.
By working in Villa R Sofie and Maria wish to explore how their mental constructions clash or interlace with reality and unfolds new narratives through words and images inspired by the surrounding land- and seascape…

Villa R residency seems to be so far the right frame for their collaboration.  Sofie and Maria wish to use the location both geographically, culturally through poetic and visual impressions from the island of Sicily!

The two artists’ project will culminate in a publication and exhibition at Aarhus International Literature Festival in 2018 in collaboration with Aarhus Literature Centre…

Follow Sofia at: http://cargocollective.com/sofieeriksdatter


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