Illustrations of the sicilian language, colors, words…Maria Molbech at Villa R

Maria Molbech is a danish illustrator based in Aarhus.

She studied Illustration Fiction at Hochscule Luzern in Switzerland and just graduated with a master degree in communication design from Kolding Design School (DK).

Maria has illustrated both classic and contemporary literature, and works with poster design for decorative and artistic purpose as well as graphic design, screen printing, animation, laser cutting and ceramics. The starting inspiration for Molbech’s works are almost always words.

She is interested in tensions of ambience, in revealing the stories that lie between words we tell and giving life visually to subjects and emotions that cannot be expressed in words.

She interprets the spaces surrounding her, inspired by contrasting forces, by historical traces, by the clash of nature and civilization, the sea, light and shadows and odd characters!

Maria has illustrated various books, among these some for children, graphic novels, editorial etc. Beside drawing her skills range also in graphic design and layout, poster design, visual reportage, keyframe animation, photography and editing, logo design etc.

Maria is currently at Villa R to work on new illustrations, and on a project together with her fellow, Sofie Erikesdatter a poet from also based in Aarhus.

The project wishes to unfold the possibilities and vulnerabilities of the landscape and seascape. The cooperation is growing from their different perceptions, affections and impressions, on the experience of the location.

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