Drawing and painting while visiting a new landscape – Elizabeth Hoy at Villa R

Elizabeth Hoy is an american painter based in New York.

Her interest lies in the intersection of the natural and built environments – tropical plants thriving in a greenhouse in February, the artificial color of a plastic chair against the darkness of the woods, ocean flooded pit mines, three quarters sky dominating one quarter city.

Elizabeth’s process begins with plein air landscape painting. By frequently returning to the same locations and through repetition, she captures subtle shifts my surroundings over time – how the natural world enmeshes itself into the built environment and how human experience is inscribed upon a place.

Drawing and painting are the first step in the artist’ engagement with a place. Elizabeth often paints on paper, especially while visiting a new location. This gives her the freedom to collage pieces together or cut them down while she’s working. She paints quickly with bold gestures, building up and wiping away to create luminous color. After painting on site, she brings the drawings and paintings back to her studio.

Based on her observation of these landscapes, she constructs miniature tableaux with playful, unexpected juxtapositions from discarded objects, scraps of fabric, and her own paintings. Wire and string re-create the drawn line, while recycled debris mimics the color palette of the paintings, building three-dimensional dioramas that the viewer can look into and walk around. Elizabeth’s work examines the landscape through layers and filters of communication and perception, each step of her process builds a visual game of telephone where the viewer is the last ear. There is play between the scale of the landscape; the human body; the architecture of the studio or gallery; and her paintings, drawings, and installations.

During her residency Elizabeth is searching for new sites that reflect the impact of humankind on a natural setting. The artist is particularly interested in developing this idea in a place that is known for its natural beauty and fertile landscape. Taking inspiration by the history of use and the complexities of the human influence and the landscape around Messina and Villa R…

New works and experiments made at Villa R.

Beside a well established curriculum as showing painter, Elizabeth holds also sever curatorial experiences in both museums and galleries.

During her stay the artist is accompanied by her husband, Luke, whom is a poet and writer.

To know more about Elizabeth Hoy connect to:  http://elizabethhoy.com/

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