Looking for the sicilian light and colors… – Jason Bronner at Villa R

Jason Bronner is a painter and art teacher. He was born and raised in Texas and currently lives in central Pennsylvania (USA), where for the past seventeen years has taught painting, drawing, and digital media at Lock Haven University. Jason received a BFA degree from Texas Christian University in printmaking and an MFA from the University of Florida in painting.

His drawings and paintings have been selected for national and international exhibitions by curators from numerous museums including the Dallas Museum, the Tampa Museum, the San Antonio Museum and the Cleveland Museum of Art. His works have been also shown in galleries and juried exhibitions in over ten states across the United States.

As teacher Jason has achieved a lot of experience, including student mentoring, services for other artists, assistant professor, drawing and painting courses and so on since 2000 in several institutions, among these the S.U.N.Y. Alfred State College, the University of Cassino (Italy), the University of Florida etc.

In his practice as a painter Jason is often interested in the landscape as fount of inspiration. During his residency the artist is painting and getting inspired by the Sicilian landscape, the light and the colors with their interaction. Taking advantage of the unique landscape and view on the valley and the Eolie Islands…

 In July Jason is also going to spend nine days in Norway, to paint the different landscape in northern Europe. Excited to create with two different kinds of light and then to exhibit the works together, with their contrasts.
The artist is also investigating the differences of the colors in each place, due to their position on the earth and to the kind of sunlight that hits each location.

Something Jason has discovered since being at Villa R, is the special view when the sun sets over the water providing a flat line in the horizon. He believes that the presence of the Eolian Islands on the horizon (which serve as a marker to show the viewer exactly how far the sun moves each day) is unique.

The artist sais he never found similar characteristics in the surroundings he was immersed before. The fact that Villa R is elevated makes it easier to see the position of the sun each evening in comparison to the islands. The vision of their position and the flat horizon has impacted him and is coming into his works…

The other element that Jason is investigating is Stromboli, the volcano which is visible at almost all times and has a regular pattern of eruption, almost like a clock.  He thinks that both the view on the volcano and the islands on the horizon – in relation to the sun – make Villa R a special place. These are the main ideas the artist is using when making new works at the moment….

Jason has already visited Lazio and Sardegna in the past and felt to explore further the Italian landscape. One of his main tasks is to take back these experiences and what he learned with this residency to his students, as landscape painting is one of the areas that interests them…

Jason is immersed in the meditative places, the italian culture and the nature in Villa R and its surrounding. Getting enriched by new inputs and inspiration, drawing/sketching/painting (acrylic).

Jason’s webpage: http://www.jasonbronner.com/

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