From the beautiful North to the beautiful South… Rikke Riegels at Villa R


Rikke Kühn Riegels is a young Danish painter based in Copenhagen. After spending the last five years in the US (NYC and Washington DC), the artist is back to her hometown. While living in these big cities Rikke enjoyed and found inspiration in the pulse, the intensity and the dynamic atmosphere of metropolitan life…
…however with time a need for peace and contact to nature has been growing. That is one of the main reasons that brought the artist to Villa R, opportunity that is creating the best possible working conditions for her artistic research at the moment.
In her practice as a painter Rikke is often interested in different expressions of architecture.  Light, space and atmosphere are the main themes she reflects on in the paintings.
Since she rather prefers big canvasses, the artist does a lot of preparatory work in the process, usually by building little architectural models to be used for studying both light and spacial sensation, as a sort of sketch before the axctual realization of the paintings.

Rikke is spending some time in Villa R to take advantage of the unique Mediterranean light and tranquillity of nature, developing new projects for two upcoming exhibitions in Copenhagen, scheduled for october 2017 and january 2018.
For these shows the artist is currently working on a large series of new paintings, taking inspiration by some of the traditional Mediterranean architectural components such as the arch, the dome, and the pillar, (re-)discovering in this way the value of the “curves”…
Working, working non stop… Rikke is very focused on her new projects and is concentrated in using her time seriously at Villa R.
In addition to the current search for the Mediterranean light and nature, Rikke was already before interested in the Italian art and culture, and over the last two years took intensive Italian classes, which made her able to have conversations in Italian. She has also travelled a lot in the Northern part of Italy, but never to the South… a dream that she is finally fulfilling during her stay in Villa R!
Part of the purpose of Rikke’s residency is to enter deeper into the Italian spirit – the nature, the light, the architecture as well as the sound of the language.
Meanwhile staying at Villa R the artist is getting to know local well known artists, such as Togo, Serboli, Mantilla etc. artists who can eventually add some sources of inspiration to Rikke’s work.
Rikke has already been at Togo’s exhibition opening, at the Theatre Vittorio Emanuele and visited the studio of Mantilla and Serboli…
                                                   Serboli                                                   Mantilla
                                                   …Togo’s exhibition
                                                   Mantilla’s studio
                                                   Serboli’s studio
This is being a wonderful opportunity, to fully dedicate to her artistic practice in exclusive and unique surroundings such as those of Villa R.
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