From the “Big Apple” to a meditative residency: Bara Jichova at Villa R!


Fine artist, photographer and filmmaker from Czechoslovakia Bara Jichova is at Villa R.

Bara’s work cut across media to expose the conceptual boundaries in human relationships—emotional, cognitive, and animal.  Her investigations explore accidents, trauma, unintended consequences, and sudden shifts in scale or perspective that expose the pathos, comedy, and vulnerability which underwrite experience. She lives and works in New York City.

During her residency Jichova has been working on different projects, one of them is a documentary inspired by Villa R as space and as “concept”. Another documentary has been shot by the artist in Syracuse in collaboration with other people.



Inspired by the exclusive surroundings Bara also documented the landscape, creating interesting colourful manipulations.








As a part of her residency at Villa-R, Bara jichova shot and developed her project “PHILOSOPHY IN THE CACTUS GARDEN”(working title)A short documentary set in the largest cactus nursery in Europe, VIVAI CUBA in Siracusa, the film combines footage and photographs of specific cactus plants with images and video from a Czech factory. These sounds and images frame an interview with Marcello Di Paolla, a philosopher, co-director of VIVAI CUBA nursery and author of the book Giardini Globali: una filosofia dell’ambientalismo urbano

The film explores his novel vision of our ethical relationship with nature and his dedicated family who caretake the 12 acres cactus garden.


To conclude her residency Bara shot an artistic video of Villa R and its surroundings:

Follow Bara’s residency’s updates here. More videos and pictures coming soon! To see more works visit:


One response to “From the “Big Apple” to a meditative residency: Bara Jichova at Villa R!

  1. Villa-R was a great experience. The location is dream like, very inspiring. Wonderful views on the sea and lot of space to work and think. The owners were taking very good care of us and the dinners were real culinary art. Highly recommended art residency experience.

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