A look into visual & performative artist Kellie Spano’s time at Villa R


                            Kellie Spano – From project: “How to be a Woman” 2014


Emerging visual artist from California, Kellie Spano, whose work focuses on photography, video and performance, is working on new filmic project that finds incredible inspiration from the Sicilian landscape, culture and rich history.

During her residency Kellie has been location scouting, photographing and filming at interesting areas around Sicily such as: Taormina, Etna, Palermo and the Aeolian Islands. She has dived headfirst into the land of Sicily, enveloped by the complexity of the island. She has been recording sounds and videos from the meditative yet wild landscapes, and also from people, sounds of the city and the “colours” of the traditional customs from Sicily.



DSCF2752 kellie 12 cmp

DSCF2724 kellie 1 cmp

Using herself as protagonist Kellie is recording a video for her youtube channel, an extension of her performative practice.

DSCF2740 kellie 9 cmp

DSCF2732 kellie 4 cmp

DSCF2736 kellie 7 cmp

Also Kellie updates often her blog with reflections and ideas coming out of this experience…:

-“September 5, 2015

It’s story time! Myself, a friend of mine named Ryan and fellow Australian artist in resident Bianca voluntarily drove up to the top of an active volcano in Sicily today.


We began to ask ourselves that very question about 1/4th of the windy way up.

Why were we literally driving to our [potential] death.

Was this suicide?

Should we turn around now?

We consoled ourselves with the fact that we had seen houses on the way up-that people lived here- so it couldn’t be thatdangerous. When in fact, the volcano had last erupted less than 4 months ago. On the way up I had to pull the vehicle over because I saw the most glorious light emitting from behind the clouds. I almost involuntarily blurted out, “Jesus is behind those clouds! He’s right there!” (Much to the amusement of my fellow adventurers.) The most brilliant heavenly light was bursting up from behind the clouds, almost as a framing halo for the tippy top of the volcano…”-

…read more by connecting to Kellie’s blog: http://www.kelliespano.com/blog/

Kellie  Spano

Follow here Kellie’s residency updates. To see more works connect to: http://www.kelliespano.com/




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