Directly from Australia to Villa R: Bianca Burns

Bianca medit. compr.

Young Australian visual artist Bianca Burns is at Villa R, for an alternative creative and meditative experience.


Taking inspiration by Sicilian surroundings, nature and its simple forms, Bianca is working on site specific installations, putting down new ideas for upcoming projects. 

The balance of the forms, as the main concept of these installations, becomes a reflection of the artist’s own inner harmony:






During her residency Bianca gathered inspiration and new material also from small trips around Messina and other areas close to Villa R, like for ex. Taormina, Vulcano (Aeolian Islands), Etna, etc. Particular focus is being put on recording sounds and videos coming from the wild nature of these landscapes such as the sea, the bubbling lava of the volcano/s, the wind etc.

DSCF2721 bianca 6

-“The landscape is constantly awe inspiring for me and has brought me much healing and a sense of calm.

I have been working on a few projects.

The first is the rock balancing, which i felt was a natural thing to do in this space. the rocks collected here are beautiful and I have found many interesting sites for them, from the geometric stairs to the organic forms of Iolanda’s sculpture.
It has been a great way for me to form a dialogue with the surrounding natural environment of Villa R and too slow down and really feel my presence here as i search for balance within myself…

…Another significant conceptual aspect of this project is the transient nature of the works. They will not last and that is okay. In order to make more i must destroy the last. That idea is refreshing for me, where in the western world we are very materialistic and possessive…
 …This aspect of the project aligns with my typical practice, of drawing abstract compositions from my environment and playing with composition and colour to disassociate them from their original source to form new focus and sensations.
(this collection has been based on connection, balance and colour sensation)…
…Another project i just begun is based on the amazing changing light of Villa R.
Every few hours i  am using water colour paint to record the colour of the light above the sea and above Stromboli and I hope to find a place to install them in the landscape and document.
This experience has been life changing for me, to see another way that people live that is so different from my own.
To slow down, contemplate and act and be what i feel is very refreshing.
It has also provided me with time to look and to draw new compositions from the rock sculptures i have made…
” Bianca Burns – (composition pictures by Bianca Burns)

Bianca Burns

Follow here Bianca’s residency updates. To see more works connect to:


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