Our Shadows will dance – the first solo exhibition at Villa R Atelier!


Don’t miss out “Our shadows will dance”

Solo exhibition by Giuditta R

Villa R Artists in Residence (Atelier)  – Strada statale 113, Settentionale sicula, Km.16, Villaggio Gesso, 98153 – Messina, It

Opening 21st july 2015  – h. 6 – 9 pm

The exhibition will be open from 22nd july to 6th august 2015 only by appointment. To plan a view please send a mail to: giudittarustica@yahoo.it

Visual artist Giuditta R presents a mix of production from 2009 to 2015.

The fact is that we are getting drunk with beauty II - cm35x50 - pencils and mixed on cardboard

The event is being organized for all the people living or finding themselves in Messina and surroundings, whom usually don’t have the chance to see Giuditta’s drawings “from real”!

Hereby some pictures  and videos of the exhibition:

Have a virtual “tour” around the exhibition (video):

Watch the exhibition set up – with Giuditta R (video):

To follow Giuditta’s work connect to: www.giuditta-r.com

DSCN0836 si DSCN0846 si DSCN0847 si DSCN0858 si DSCN0875 si DSCN0876 si DSCN0917 si DSCN0922 si DSCN0930 si DSCN0936 si DSCN0938 si DSCN0976 si DSCN0989 si si 2 si 4 si 5 si si7




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