A poet’s “journey” at Villa R

Italian poet and writer based in Barcelona, Danubio Blackhood retired to find new inspiration during a meditative stay at Villa R.  Danubio writes about passionate love, vivid memories and fantasies that find intense relationship with nature…

-“My stay at Villa R has been an incredible experience. That place is unique, I have had occasion to “re-find myself”.
The owners are very generous and disponible people!”-

Read all poems written by Danubio at Villa R…





You can read more from Danubio’s “inner world” at:  http://thepoetrylives.blogspot.com.es


One response to “A poet’s “journey” at Villa R

  1. Me lo pasé genial en Villa R.
    He podido disfrutar de lugares muy bonitos que han dejado ciertas huellas en mis nuevas poesías. Seguramente un lugar que une la naturaleza y el arte creando una mezcla explosiva.
    Relajandome y tomando mucho sol, un sin fin de versos!

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