Susana López Fernández is currently at Villa R!

Taking nature as a subject, Spanish visual artist Susana Lopez is opening new reflections between what remains and what is evanescent…

Artistic video by Susana:
Take also a look at Susana’s performance at Villa R (video):

-“Time goes by so fast and it is time to come back home.

During these days in Messina, I have compiled a lot of material to work within the following months. There is a special project I started and finished in the Residency and I would like to share with you today. 

The heart of this project is the Stromboli Volcano and a reflection about what remains and what disappears.

During one week the centre of my work was The Volcano, I took pictures of it always from the same place but at different times. The result are these five images.”- 

(Italian) -“Il mio soggiorno in Sicilia é arrivato a fine.

 Durante questi giorni in Messina ho raccolto tante attrezzature para continuare a lavorare nei prossimi messi. Comunque c´e un progetto speciale che ho iniziato e finito a Gesso e oggi ho il piacere di condividere con voi.

Il cuore de questo lavoro é il Volcano Stromboli e una conversazione tra quello che rimane e quello che sparire.

Durante una settimana il centro del mio lavoro fu il Vulcano, lo ho fotografato sempre dallo stesso luogo ma a diverse tempo. Il risultato sono queste cinque immagini.”- 



…Susana is also creating a new body of work taking inspiration by Sicilian culture, people as well as Villa R surroundings.


11124791_10153451679888489_2586723698840717516_o 11182763_10153451678913489_8977481433745802147_o 11313128_10153451680268489_5053888097564479398_o 11406305_10153451679648489_2456157668074958919_oFollow Susana’s residency updates by connecting to:

and to:



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