Our guests – may / june 2015

A-22                                                            #postcards – Susana Lopez 

A big thank to all artists and creative minds for supporting Villa R residency 2015!
This year we received lots valid applications coming from different parts of the Globe, we are amazed by the high quality skills of our candidates!

We are glad to announce our may / june guests:

– Painter and photographer Susana Lopez Fernandez (Spain) May 2015
Check out Susana’s work at: http://www.susanalf.es and http://susanalopezfernandez.blogspot.com.es

– Writer and poet Danubio Blackhood (Italy/Spain) June 2015
Check out Danubio’s work at http://thepoetrylives.blogspot.com.es

Artist collective – dance, theatrical perfomance, choreography (USA) June-July 2015
– Creative technologist, coordinator, visual effects Krystal Cooper http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2207069/
– Dancer, choreographer, artistic director Christopher “Eclipse” Brown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71YEkJ7trA0
– Writer, associate professor of communication Ebony Utley http://www.theutleyexperience.com/
– Poet and playwright Rachel N. Hastings,

List of September’s candidates coming soon!
Follow our activities! https://artistsinresidencevillar.wordpress.com/


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